Little Kids,Inc. Preschool and Child Care
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Your child's home away from home!
A Family Business!
Little Kids, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been serving families on the Upper Cape since 1982!  We have a Preschool program, a Pre-K program, and two Infant & Toddler (mixed age group) programs.  We are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, caring for children ages four weeks to 7 years.  Little Kids is well known for our "family like" atmosphere and friendly staff.  We take pride in our school and the work we do, so that we may offer families the highest quality care possible.  It's our goal to make our center a place where children are able to; learn, grow, explore, make friends, feel welcome and comfortable with their surroundings, and most of all be loved!
     Diane Gummow and her husband Cubby built the school in 1982, and were the owner and operators for just about 30 years!  Tammy Inman (formerly Gummow) and her husband Greg, bought the school from her parents in November of 2011 and hope to continue to run the business for another 30 years!!  Tammy and Greg aslo came to school here, where they first met in our Pre-K program, which makes their story even better!
     Tammy is the Onwer and Director.  She has worked at Little Kids, Inc. for over 17years!  She is Lead Teacher and Director certified, and has worked in every classroom. She spent her first 11 years at LKI in our Main I/T group, working as a loving teacher and caregiver.  She now has a daughter and son of her own, Fia and Ryder, who are students at LKI.  Tammy is a hands on Director who likes to spend time in the classrooms, more so than in her office!  She focuses on; creating welcoming, clean, and safe learning environments, having open, honest and frequent communication between staff and families, and meeting the needs of each individual child and family we serve.  She strives to create long lasting, meaningful relationships with all of our families, making LKI a great school and family to be a part of!  

Preschool & Pre-K Staff! 

Mary Batt, Jayme Hodgeman, and Krislyn Antonellis are the teachers in our Preschool Program.  Mary is Lead Teacher certified and has worked here for over 9 years!  She spent her first years with us in our I/T class, but is happy to now be in our Preschool, which is where her heart is!  She is a hard worker and very dedicated teacher!  You may also see her working at the Quarterdeck Restaurant in Falmouth some nights..... she is always busy!  Mary is a very active and hands on teacher, who truly loves her work and her children.  She is always looking for new classes, ideas, and activities to keep her little ones learning new things, while having fun at the same time.
Jayme started here in September 2011, coming to us from Colorado!  She has her degree in Elementary Education and her teacher certification for K-8.  She moved back to the cape to be with her family and is looking forward to a new teaching experience with our Preschool kids!  She has only been here a short time, yet it seems like she has been here forever!  Jayme is a very caring teacher, who you may often see hugging a child or sitting with a little friend on her lap. The children and families warmed up to her very quickly.  She has a little girl named Ella and is expecting a baby boy in September!
    Krislyn joined us in December of 2012, coming to us from another center where she worked for 9 years!  Having had 9 years experience, and being Lead Teacher certified as well, she has been a wonderful addition to our school!  She has her Bachelor's in Education and is a very enthusiastic, friendly, caring teacher.  The children took to her right away, and it feels like she has been part of the school for years!  Krislyn is currently working towards her Master's Degree!  Mary, Jayme, and Krislyn are dedicated to teaching, love their children very much, and make a great team!

    Renee Stephens and Nancy Miselis are our Pre-K teachers.  Renee has worked here for over 8 years (starting out as a teacher's aide after school), and has her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education, and is working towards her Bachelor's.  She is a hands on, fun, energetic, and caring teacher who truly shows a love for her job and for the children she cares for.  She has grown so much over the years and really has a special way with the children.  She is very much loved by all of our families. 
    Nancy was our Preschool teacher for 7 years, and was the lead teacher in our Preschool when Renee started working after school!  After a few short years away, she is BACK!!  Nancy has her Master's in Education and started working again at LKI in September of 2012.  We are truly happy to have her back at "home", and the children and families will learn why!   Nancy and Renee are a fabulous team, and compliment eachother quite well.  All of our pre-k students go off to their Kindergarten year, fully prepared and ready for "big kid" school! 
Our Infant and Toddler Staff!

    Jennifer Rousseau and Kaitlynn Raftery are the teachers in our Main Infant/Toddler Group.  Jen has been with us for over 6 years, and travels to work here from New Bedford!  She has her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education, and a BA in Sociology.  She is also Director certified.  She had previously worked with older children, but has really shown us that the Infant and Toddler group is where she belongs!  She is always pleasant and smiling, and shows great attention to detail.  The children adore her, and she is truly a wonderful teacher.
    Kaitlynn started here in December of 2012!  She is working full time with Jen, and also going to school to pursue her degree in Early Childhood Education!  She is quiet, smiley, very sweet, and she really LOVES babies!!  The children take to her very quickly and every time you go into the classroom, she is either playing with the kids or holding a baby!  I think our families would agree that Kaitlynn and Jen make a wonderful team!  Many people refer their friends to Little Kids because of the excellent care their babies receive here.

     Cristin Hilliard and Victoria Eisen, are the teachers in our "Front House" I/T group.  Cristin took over the position of Lead Teacher in January of 2014, when our beloved "Miss Shannon", moved off Cape.  Cristin has been a wonderful addition to our school!  She has a BA in Communications, from UCONN, and is also Lead Teacher certified. She is from NJ, and recently moved here from Colorado with her boyfriend.  Cristin has experience with all age groups, including working with at-risk, homeless, and special needs children.  She is friendly, creative, fun, and pays great attention to detail, even handing out monthly calendars and newsletters!  We are so happy to have found her and we are thrilled to have her as part of our LKI family!
    Victoria has worked at LKI in our "Front House" infant/toddler group, for a little over a year now.  She started in the summer of 2013 with Miss Shannon, and is now co-teaching with Cristin.    She works full time, while pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education at Cape Cod Community College.  She became teacher certified this spring!  Victoria is wonderful with the children, and settled in to her teacher role quickly.  Victoria is bubbly, smiley, and a very fast learner.  She loves taking care of babies too!  Victoria is not a mom, but she does have her very own horse named Dudley!  Cristin and Victoria complement each other very nicely and have made the "Front House" their very own classroom.  The room looks great, the children are happy and well-cared for, and most of all our families love them! 
    More Friendly Faces!
     Sabrina Kanaley, Janet Stevens, Donna Lynds, and Bonnie Gummow,teach in all of our classrooms.  Sabrina is a teacher's assistant who currently attends the Upper Cape Vocational School, studying to be a boat mechanic!  She is very sweet and has a wonderful way with the children!  She works a few afternoons each week, mainly in our I/T groups, but is comfortable helping out with any age group.  She started in September of 2010, quickly becoming a valued member of our LKI family.  
    Janet started working here about a year ago, and helps out in our Infant/Toddler groups!  She enjoys spending time with the little ones, and being able to hold babies.  She is very pleasant and works well with just about anyone.  Janet has one daughter, Lindsey, who is all grown up... and is also a gym instructor at a local gym.  The children and teachers look forward to their time with Janet!     
    Donna Lynds works about 4 days a week, covering lunch breaks in all of our classrooms.  She is very loved by all of our children!!!  "Donna is here!" is usually what you will here when she enters a room.  Donna is Shannon's mom.  She will also help out, should someone be out sick or take a vacation day.  Donna loves playing games, music time, and reading stories with the children.  We love her!
    Bonnie has helped out at Little Kids over the past 7 years!  She is aslo a nurse at Falmouth Hospital and our Health Care Consultant.  Bonnie may be seen working in any of our classrooms, especially during school breaks!  She is very smiley and energetic!  Bonnie is also a gym instructor at local gyms; teaching spinning classes, group power classes, and step classes.  If you need a good work out, she is your girl.
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